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Intuitive Life Coaching 

Is your body calling your attention through tension, pain or dis-ease?

Do you tend to live in your head and feel disconnected in your body?


Given that we live in a culture that is fixated on "the hustle" and living in constant overwhelm, it is normal that we feel completely disconnected from our bodies. This disconnection can cause you to feel self-doubt, lost, alone, confused, and out of alignment with who you really are and and what you truly want in life. If this resonates with you, you're likely "Soul- Tired", the kind of tired that is rooted in living out of alignment with your core self, your soul, for far too long.

What to expect with intuitive life coaching:

Through guided practice we design a plan to support you in befriending your body on an inner level. You will move beyond the typical approaches to physical self-care and reconnect body, mind, and soul to experience the physical, mental , emotional health and well being. You will grow your ability to trust your inner voice, learn your boundaries and learn to use your intuition practically in your everyday life. We will tap into the  body's innate wisdom and healing capacity to facilitate and develop an empowered mindset. 

What to expect in an appointment:

When you come to your appointment, you'll be in a supportive and uplifting environment where you can plug into our high-vibe space and be led through some proven somatic techniques, mindset, and mindfulness practices to support your mind and body working together in order for you to create the life you deeply desire. You will walk away with the knowledge, key mindset shifts, intentional practices, tools, and techniques to live in harmony as your whole, authentic self.

If this sounds like something that aligns with you or if you have any questions regarding intuitive life coaching, feel free to book a
FREE 20 minute Discovery Call!

Intuitive Life Coaching 
Areas of Growth 

  • Receive personal and professional development

  • Learn techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and conditioned programming

  • Gain Inner guidance

  • Heal and clear mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks

  • Connect with your inner wisdom

  • Focus on achieving your goals and outcomes

  • Heal your inner child

  • Understand attachment styles for yourself and those around you

  • Recognize stress and trauma responses, and work to improve responses

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